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Jenkins is an open source automation server that provides a range of tools and technologies for building, testing, and deploying software. It is a popular choice for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and it is widely used by organizations of all sizes. Jenkins provides a range of plugins that allow it to be integrated with a wide range of tools and technologies, making it highly flexible and customizable.

Tekton Pipelines is an open source CI/CD toolkit that is designed to be easy to use and highly extensible. It is based on the Kubernetes container orchestration platform and provides a range of tools for building, testing, and deploying applications. Like Jenkins, Tekton Pipelines is designed to be used as part of a CI/CD pipeline, allowing developers to automate the build, test, and deployment process for their applications.

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    Single App

    • 99.99% Up; 24/7 SLA
    • 4x4Ghz CPU
    • 8GB Memory
    • 10GB NVMe Disk
    • 1TB Traffic
    • 1 Domain name
    € 15,99 /month Buy

    Single Team

    • 99.99% Up; 24/7 SLA
    • 16x4Ghz CPU
    • 64GB Memory
    • 100GB NVMe Disk
    • 10TB Traffic
    • 1 Domain name (wildcard)
    € 159,- /month Buy

    Dedicated Cluster

    • 99.99% Up; 24/7 SLA; TAM
    • 128x4Ghz CPU
    • 1TB Memory
    • 2TB NVMe Disk
    • 40TB Traffic
    • 100 Domain names
    € 999,- /month Buy


    • 8x5 SLA; Ticket only
    • € 1,-/1x4Ghz CPU
    • € 1,-/1GB Memory
    • € 0.10/1GB NVMe Disk
    • € 0,10/1GB Traffic
    • € 1,-/1 Domain name
    € 0,- /month Buy

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